• 最近、私のメールはハッキングされていて、弁護士のポストからはゆうパックが抜き取られた形跡までありました。弁護士とのメールは消失して、お互いに届かなくてクビを傾げてます。もちろん、迷惑フォルダじゃありません。取引しようとしていた三大学全てには、米国指名手配の中国スパイまで現れて、うちとその大学の研究室での開発内容を知られてしまいました。日本政府が何もしないから調子乗ってるんでしょうね。中国人は尖閣諸... 続きを読む
  •  (C) The facts on five special fields required for the executor of CryptoLocker1. CryptoLocker is an uncommon computer virus developed by skillfully combining the next five special skills; 1) Well-trained hacking skills, 2) Specialized cryptography, 3) Specialized Microsoft Windows system control skills, 4) A deep knowledge and experience on online payment system, 5) A deep knowledge on finan... 続きを読む
  • (B) Facts regarding CryptoLocker1. CryptoLocker is a computer virus which mainly targets computers running Microsoft Windows and first surfaced in September 2013. There are no countermeasures for the malware and it is spreading throughout the world.demand you to pay about thirty thousand yen worth of money by “Bitcoin” or other virtual currency as a ransom. The term of payment will be displayed on... 続きを読む
  • I. The statement of accusationAccuser Mr. Ho has detected an extremely suspicious man who is a suspect of the member of International Crime Organization for developing the ransomware, CryptoLocker, which is possibly the worst computer virus in this century spreading widely in the United States and in England today. This malware enables the suspect to illegally invade unspecified large number of co... 続きを読む


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